GF fried chicken? Say what?

Ladies and gentleman, there is such a thing and, yes, it’s heavenly.

Being a celiac  you don’t get the luxury of eating fried food, like ever, so when I heard there was such a thing as gluten free fried chicken I was all over that.

I live by a fantastic app called Find Me Gluten Free. It’s awesome. If you’re GF then you need it. Stat. I work in Houston so if I ever have the chance to go out for lunch then I try to find some good GF options. I recently stumbled on Funky Chicken in the Heights area and decided it was a must to try.

The atmosphere is really cute and it smells amazing in there. ALL of their chicken, roasted or crispy (fried), is gluten free!! How awesome is that? Not all of their sides are GF, but that’s totally OK. Where I had to pick myself up off the floor was when they told me they had gluten free gravy….and mashed potatoes….and slaw….and wait for it…..brownies. Goldmine, y’all. Goldmine.


The chicken was perfectly crispy and juicy and ohsodelicious. Mashed taters and gravy were fantastic. I’m not usually a slaw person, but gosh darnit that was good slaw. And well the brownie? It didn’t get a picture because I inhaled it. Needless to say it was good.

So whether or not you’re GF you need to check this place out. I’m a fan for sure.


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