5 Days to Christmas

Somehow it is already 5 days until Christmas. I love Christmas. Ever since I was a kid, it has been my favorite holiday. It’s such a festive time filled with family time, good eats, spirits, Christmas movies and music. I will say, it’s a bit different as an adult because you know, you have to ADULT. I try to make the season special for my kids the best I can as a working mama.

So it’s 5 days to Christmas and outside of a few gifts to pick up, I’m finished with my shopping. Good thing considering I start in August. Yes, August. I am not a fan of the chaos in the stores this time of year. That said, I have about half of everything wrapped. I wish I had more wrapped, but I’m just plain tired!! And let’s be honest, my kids are trying to peep in the door instead of going to bed.

I have also not yet watched a few of my favorite movies like The Holiday, Elf or The Family Stone. It’s been so busy!! These things are on my list to do this week…even if it’s on Christmas Day!!

So 5 days to Christmas and I’ve got cookies to bake, movies to watch and prezzies to wrap….all while working 9+ hour days. Yep. It’s going to fly by.


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