5 Days to Christmas

Somehow it is already 5 days until Christmas. I love Christmas. Ever since I was a kid, it has been my favorite holiday. It's such a festive time filled with family time, good eats, spirits, Christmas movies and music. I will say, it's a bit different as an adult because you know, you have to … Continue reading 5 Days to Christmas


Dallas GFAF Expo Blogger

I'm officially registered as a blogger for the Dallas GFAF Expo! I'm beyond excited. This is my first event as a diagnosed Celiac! For those just tuning in, I became extremely ill after having my second child in the Spring/Summer of 2014. 6 months later I had lost 30 pounds, could barely eat without getting … Continue reading Dallas GFAF Expo Blogger

On Going Clean

A very real and honest look into my health journey... The Beginning - Tummy Troubles and that Rash When I was young I had varying gastrointestinal troubles, which could never be pinpointed. Antibiotic here, Prevacid there. Oh you need an antibiotic. Stomach issues just seemed to be a way of life. I also developed Keratosis … Continue reading On Going Clean